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Responsible Business & ESG

MKF recognises that as an FM solutions provider, our associated activities across our direct operations and Client sites have an impact on the environment, the economy and the community and we are committed to promoting positive impacts while identifying and minimising our negative impacts. It is the policy of MKF to do all that is reasonable to ensure that key sustainability impacts relating to our service provision are reviewed financially, socially and environmentally.

At MKF we also recognise that our position, as a key stakeholder within our Client network, affords us the opportunity to positively  influence the social responsibility objectives and targets of our clients, as well as our Company.

Our commitment to the principles of sustainability is to offer sustainable FM solutions to ensure we meet and endeavour to exceed the  expectations of our Clients, stakeholders and interested parties. MKF is committed to the adoption and promotion of sustainability  principles across all its business functions and community activities, including providing a safe and sustainable environment for clients,  staff, contractors and visitors to the Client sites we serve, as well as our responsibilities as a member of the local community.

We also understand that in addition well position to positively influencing the broader sustainability objectives of our Clients, we must  recognise our own impacts both positive and negative and develop our standalone plan that ensures the activities that we carry out  contribute positively to our planet, our people, our ability to influence, and on our community.

Our goal is to enhance our positive  impact while working towards removing any negative impact. This Responsible Business Plan and Strategy provides the framework to  demonstrate how we will achieve this goal.

Our strategy has been carefully aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) to ensure we can have a positive impact over  the critical decade to 2030 and beyond.

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